Cardinal 21 Designs

As dog lovers there has never been any doubt in our minds that dogs bring positive benefits and unquestionable love into our lives. It seems impossible to live a fulfilled life without them. 

It is a natural extension for us, with our love of dogs, to focus our business on the things we can make and build to enhance a dog’s life and the lives of their lucky owners.


Millie's Munchables Artisan Treats and Cakes
Upcycled Beds and Crates
Dog Dishes
Toys and Toy Boxes
Dog Themed Home Decor

Do you live in Woodstock or the surrounding area? 
Including Innerkip, Beachville, Sweaburg, Hickson, Tavistock, Embro, & Ingersoll.

We offer free Shipping/Delivery to those areas!
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For larger furniture items please call us to arrange for a pickup.           

In the Shipping Calculator area of this page the default choice is ‘pickup’ so if you want to pick up your order, leave it, and we will get in touch with you to make arrangements.